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Drafting Made Easy

Using Colors: November/December 2009 Handwoven
Fiberworks is the featured software program for this article

PDF files: Methods for creating alternate color drafts in each software program.
Adobe Reader is required to open PDF files. It is available from Adobe for free.


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Alternating Colors   PDF PDF                
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#2 wif file   wif wif                
#3 wif file   wif                  
#4 wif file   wif                  
#5 wif file   wif                  
#6 wif file   wif                  

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  Allow 6" fringe length Weave hems with sewing thread using the first 4 treadling picks.
#1 WIF file threading  #2 Wif File for table runner #3 Wif File MugRug 1 #4 Wif File Mug Rug 2 #5 Wif File  MugRug 3 #6 Wif File Mug Rug 4
Front Front















Woven with two colors of weft. Woven with one color of weft.


Hems woven in one color, The remainder in the second color


Woven with two colors with layer 1&3 always on top.

Click on Wif file title above to download weaving files. Click on graphics to see larger draft.

Challenge: Apply the techniques to create shadow weave drafts.
Marion Powell, 1000+ Patterns in 4, 6 & 8 Harness Shadow Weaves
The book is currently available from Yarn Barn Kansas
CD Wif files of the drafts in the book
Contact:     Charles Lermond
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                    Brookville, OH 45309



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