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Screen Snapshot of a Pattern Window


WinWeave is written for IBM PC's and compatibles in Turbo C++ for Windows, and will provide a graphical display of a pattern after you provide the draft.
  Some basic features:

The present version is WinWeave 1.1 (wnwv11.exe).

Download a self-extracting distribution file here

WinWeave will run on versions of Windows up to Windows XP with full support for all features including help.  WinWeave does not support printing for very many printers.  If it works with your printer -- Great! If it does not, use print screen to copy the image and paste it into your word processor or other program. 

WinWeave will run on 32-bit versions of Windows Vista, but Windows Vista no longer automatically includes the WinHlp32 program which is required to display the help files provided with WinWeave.  Users running Windows Vista can view the information from the WinWeave help file by doing any of the following::

View the Help online here.

Download a copy of the help file contents that can be opened as a document file on any version of Windows: RTF file, Help Image

Download the WinHlp32 program from Microsoft.  This download along with more information can be found here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917607.

 WinWeave does not work with 64 bit versions of Windows Vista.

WinWeave Bugs, Improvements, etc

link to Handweaver's Guild of America

This program is being hosted on this web site with permission of Brad Keister, the author of WinWeave.  All copyrights for this program remain with Brad Keister.  We thank him for his generosity in allowing this freeware weaving software to continue to be available. 

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Updated 10 February 2009