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Convergence 2008

PDF files to go with your CD:

1. - Overshot
Overshot-Details and-choices.pdf

2. - Drafts and Loom

3. - Drafts for Specialty Weaving
Drafts-for-Specialty-Weaving .pdf

4. - WIF and Resources

5. - Computer Software
    Computer Software-Benefits-color.pdf  



  6-block profile draft in wif format.

  Threaded and woven as Thick N' Thin.
  Thin threads are 10/2 pearl cotton, thick threads are 3/2.
   Sett: In a 12 dent reed, 1 thick and 1 thin per dent for 24epi.
   Thin ends added at beginning and end of draft.

    Beginning of block substitution wif file.




Still working on --- an 8-shaft version of the square meal placemats.  It may be October before this is done.  But I am going to see what I can do to create a nice 8-shaft placemat.  This was the green and white placemat. 


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