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Find Weaving Software: A list of links for weaving software and related sites.
Weaving software, specialty weaving software, and other software and items of interest to weavers.

How Do I...?:  PDF documents showing how to use weaving software.
Features screen shots from weaving programs.
1-Open and Save Files: Proprietary files and WIF files are featured.
2-Enter Data: Different methods of entering data for threading, treadling, tie-up, etc.
3-Preferences: Setup the program to reflect your choices.

Software Page: you will find a list of all of the weaving software information on my website.  

Overshot: Some Drafting Theory and Ideas

Drafting Made Easy

Drafts :

TimesTables Plaid.  This draft is a pictorial times tables using the line method for multiplication. This table goes from 1 to 15. Each 2 end line represents a 1, so 2 is represented by 2 lines, 8, by 8 lines.  10 is represented by 1 line in the tens place and a doted line for the zero in the units place.  See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SZw8jpfAk0 for a video that explains this method of multiplication. 

TimesTablePlaid   Click on thumbnail to enlarge.

     Download the wif file for this draft.  This file has been zipped to allow it to download. 



Mary Meigs Atwater Weavers Guild: Guild Web Site.
Power Point file illustrating use of Mary Meigs Atwater Recipe Book CD

Cross Country Weavers

Conferences: Additional resources to add to your conference CD

    2008 Convergence: Drafts and PDF files
 If you have any questions about files on your CD, please email me.

    2006 Convergence - Workshop Threadings





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